Manage compliance and calibration requirements more efficiently

Introducing EOS Advisor by Eurotherm. Innovative calibration management software that helps customers and service providers efficiently manage testing and conformance to regulatory standards.

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* Free of charge, customers can use all the functions of EOS Advisor for a period of 30 days. At the end of the Free Trial period the account can be upgraded to either a pay as you go or an annual subscription. The Free Trial account has no limits on creation of users, adding of assets or tests performed.

Manage compliance and calibration better with EOS Advisor

  • Relying on pen and paper to manage compliance?
  • Worried you won’t be able to find records during an audit?
  • Spending too much time and money just keeping up-to-date?

With EOS Advisor, that’s all about to change

Transform your equipment data into useful, actionable, and auditable information.

EOS Advisor lets you manage equipment and staff more efficiently with an integrated system that helps you meet your compliance requirements. What’s more, rule-based workflows increase testing efficiency and improve your calibration process.

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Start a 30 day free trial of EOS Advisor

Here’s how EOS Advisor works

Maintain quality with a digital solution

Improve your calibration and testing process with an easy to use, mobile-first platform.

A digitized process simplifies the collection of test data and the sharing of reports with your customers.

Increase efficiency

  • Monitor equipment compliance status online
  • Access certificates directly from a generated QR code
  • Avoid time-consuming searches for compliance documents

Establish a robust workflow

  • Define test workflows, including validation, correction and approval
  • Plan, schedule, and assign work to Technicians from a central point
  • Plan tests of any type with Flexible Test Management

See actionable insights

  • Identify potential compliance issues across multiple sites
  • Track test approval progress from the dashboard
  • Extend test result access to your Customers

“With our old manual process limitations, I was concerned we’d lose our accreditation. Now I never worry about finding the right records when I need them.”

Leading aerospace manufacturer, Quality Manager

Reduce operational costs

  • Pay-as-you-go or Subscription-based plans to suit your business
  • Avoid installation and upgrade costs with an online service

Industry-standard security

  • Secure, long-term cloud storage for the life of your subscription
  • Developed in line with Cybersecurity standards
  • Optional API integration into your existing systems

Start a 30 day free trial of EOS Advisor